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Introducing the 'Rekliner' Series

Around this time last year, I started playing around with some abstract painting, specifically black and white pieces inspired by the painter, Franz Kline. Kline's work always struck me as bold, provacative, sophisticated, and always allowed me to get lost in thought while looking upon his work.

I haven't really plugged any of this work to anyone since painting these, as I'm not sure where to go with these pieces yet, but it's been nice to see a few of them get some life and public viewing in a few commercial spaces. I think the commercial settings may inspire me to do more work like this on a regular basis.

The departure from my typical Pop Art has been an interesting exploration. I've always wanted to do more abstract work, but my reluctance to do so has always been wrapped up in an identity as a Pop Artist. At the end of the day though, my art is not about what makes other people happy

(although I do my best to make my clients happy with my work), but it's about me being happy with the work I create. I'm hoping the 'Rekliner' series helps open up some new creative possibilities for me, maybe even finding a way to blend some abstract elements with the Pop.

I still have a quart of black paint and a few blank canvases laying around the studio. Will need to make more of these soon, and maybe even find a gallery to hang them in. It's been awhile since my last art exhibit, would be nice to do something a little different next time around.

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