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The Folk Road Show (Self-Titled) Album

It's been one of the busiest Summers I can remember in a long time. Lot's of special projects and commissions have kept me in work, which I am incredibly thankful for.

I'm always excited to get to work on album packaging projects, as music is such a huge passion. The latest album packaging gig comes courtesy of the Folk Road Show, a contemporary folk music group based in Canada. The band supplied me with most of the puzzle pieces, and it was my job to to everything together in a cohesive package. Not only am I credited in the liner notes for packaging design, my record label, Classic Waxxx Records is also releasing the album commercially next month.

The Folk Road Show's self-titled album is a beautifully recorded and mixed album, courtesy of John Paul Smith from Classic Waxxx's own, The Coal Creek Boys. I'm thankful the band thought of me worthy enough to have a hand in making the album a reality. (Available on CD and digital download, currently. Vinyl version TBD.)

The band is currently on tour, which you can see the band live and have a chance to snag a copy of the album early. Check out their website for details, and how you can stalk them on social media. Look for the record to drop officially in August.

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