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New Art from Jonathon Kimbrell Fine Art

The summer is almost over, but things in the studio are heating up (still).

I've been working on a batch of post card sized pieces, lately, combining acrylic paint, silk screen ink, and in some cases, collaged newsprint and other paper ephemera. Many of the graphics sourced for each piece comes from vintage comics, old newspaper ads and other printed goods that strike my fancy.

Just for giggles, some of the post card sized pieces I've been working on feature art on both sides of the card, what I call the "A Side/B Side" series. Like a good vinyl record single, there should be good stuff on both sides.

I've also been continuing work on my "Public Persona." serigraph series, as well. The black, white and red print motif collages torn bits of vintage newsprint super-imposed over an existing face, some famous, some not. It's a bit of a departure from my usual design routine. I like where these designs are going. The plan is to do a series of 10 of the "Public Persona" pieces for a collected portfolio. Almost halfway there. Those will be made available in the web store when the series concludes.

In the meatime, the smaller post card sized pieces are starting to pop up in the web store, for those who wish to acquire some of my original pieces. Keep checking back periodically, as I'll have more to post in the coming weeks.

For those curious to know about upcoming shows, I have some ideas I'm working on, but you'll just have to wait and see what the exhibit calendar turns up. Truth be told, I wasn't all that thrilled with how my last exhibit turned out, especially on the work side, so I'm re-evaluating my work process a bit. Until I'm ready for another exhibit, I'll just be working on more one-off pieces, exploring new ground and putting the over all portfolio back together.

Anyhow, feels good to be working on art for me, regardless. Almost forgot what that was like.

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