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The Diamond Dust Experiment Continues

Having more fun with the diamond dust technique.

I recently created this 'Madonna' piece for an upcoming charity event, which rather turned out nice, I think. I started a different piece that didn't turn out anything like I had hoped, so this ended up being version #2. I actually didn't want to part with it, but of course, I can always make more. I used black diamond dust this time around, instead of clear, which makes the black really pop. Catch it in the light just right and it shines.

I haven't tried this technique on canvas yet, still getting some practice in with the works on paper, but they are getting there. Makes me want to revisit my 'Movie Cowboy' series, now.

Expect to see more diamond dust pieces from me in the near future.

"Madonna in Yellow & Teal"

Acrylic, Silk Screen Ink and Black Diamond Dust on Accent Opaque White 100lb Cover

11" x 15.5" (17.25" x 22" framed)


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