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"99 Problems (But A Print Ain't One)" Exclusive

Working hard, working hard...

Been playing around with more of my "Public Persona" series, lately, and I'll be bringing this exclusive design to The Southern Gallery in Charleston, SC for the upcoming "99 Problems (But A Print Ain't One)" show, running Nov. 25-Dec. 31. Instead of buying a useless tv on Black Friday, how about you buy some art??

I'm being forced to talk more about my work, lately, which is funny considering my work output isn't the same as it has been in years prior. I typically just create my work from an unconscious space, pretty much on autopilot, so when I have to step back and verbalize what I'm working on, I have to sting those words together and make some sense about it.

Here is my commentary regarding "Public Persona No.6 (A Real Good Lookin' Boy)":

"There is this song by The Who called "Real Good Lookin' Boy" that always seems to be stuck in my head in a constant loop. The song is about the first time the Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry saw Elvis performing on television, which became the catalyst for them setting out to be rock n' rollers, much like every other band around the world. At the time, there wasn't another human being on the planet that had that much sway over the youth. The idea of having that kind of influence, even as basic as an image of what sex or fame looks like in one human being, is wild to think about. I doubt I'll ever understand that level of fame in my lifetime, and probably never will, but it's an interesting concept to think about. I suppose most people are interested in seeing how the other half live.

Though Elvis' facial characteristics cease to exist, there are still features present to give you the idea it could be him, like his pompadour. However, his face is constructed of words, images and torn angles of paper, creating the illusion that the person behind the well-known face is nothing like we ideally perceive. It's in this instance that I find great comfort in anonymity while enjoying the myth that builds upon generalzed perceptions."

"Public Persona No.6" is a signed/numbered edition of 10 prints, measuring 12" x 18". Prints will be available exclusively through The Southern Gallery until March 1, 2017. (If there are any prints left, I'll have the remainders available through this website.)

Wish me luck, and hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving holiday.

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