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New In The Studio - March 2017

Ok, trying my best to keep the site updated with news and sneak peeks of new work, even if the portfolio sections still need some work. It's a tough life being an artist, these days. Three quarters of your time is needing to be spent online marketing and promoting your work. Hard to do when it's just you and you have to make work to promote in the first place. Vicious cycle...

Anyhow, To say I'm busy would be an understatement. But, I'm working hard to make art for me, art for art's sake. Behold, the latest two pieces to emerge from the studio: "Raquel No.1" and "Raquel No.2" / Mixed Media on paper / 11.5" x 12" / 2017. The color consists of rolled out acrylic paint on Accent Opaque White paper.

When I paint, I typically use a brayer (a tool used to ink up a block printing plate) to move color about. I don't use a brush much for large areas of color. Paint usually builds up on the rolling part of the brayer, to the point I need to roll the excess paint onto paper to clean it off. What is left is usually some cool looking blocks of color with killer texture. And, since I'm not one to throw much away in the studio, I decided to screen print this very lovely image of the great Raquel Welch to make a striking portrait. I especially like how the color and texture rolls right off the edge of the paper. Both pieces have a cinematic quality to them, don't you think?

I'm still finding it challenging to make art in a much smaller studio space. I'm dying to get some 10ft x 10ft paintings made, or some super large screen prints printed, but my current studio setup won't accommodate work that size, just yet. Anyhow, these smaller, more intimate works are doing the trick. It's just as much a challenge to make good work on a small scale as it is on a big scale. I'm sure I'll find myself needing a much larger studio space again in the near future.

In other news...I'm currently working on new paintings to have put in front of some new galleries and designers soon. I have no idea what might come it, but the opportunity to break into some new markets and have a new customer base is worth it. I'm pushing through the anxiety, nervousness and self doubt that has been plaguing me for many months, but little works like "Raquel," peppered throughout the painting schedule, certainly helps to stay focused. Wish me luck on the new opportunities, I may need it. Hope to share some of this new work soon, once it is finished.

Until next time! –JK

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