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New In The Studio - March 2017 (Part II)

In between life and other various projects, I've been making headway in the studio on new work, namely for a new art rep I'll be working with. I'm really excited to move myself into a different work mode. In the past, I've made most of my art based on calendar deadlines leading up to an exhibit date. Since I don't have any art exhibits planned (at least not right now, anyway), I have some new goals and deadlines to work toward.

My art rep will be introducing me to new art markets around the country, something I'm really excited about. It's the kind of push and exposure I've wanted for a long time, just hadn't been able to get their on my own. You really do need some good people in your corner.

Anyhow, here are a couple of sneak peeks at what I'm currently working on. I'm never shy about sharing in-progress work. Sometimes, sharing early stages helps me see directions to go in that I might not have noticed after the fact. Additionally, since my studio space is a lot smaller than before, I also forced to experiment with alternate methods of making art. Here, I experiment with gel transfers, as opposed to my traditional screen printing method. The prep time is probably the same for both methods, but gel transfers force me to be more patient with the work. Plus, the gel transfer method looks pretty punk, in my opinion.

I decided to revisit this image of 'Robin, The Boy Wonder,' one I used back in 2011 for my "We Are Modern" exhibit. I guess I wasn't done with this one, and decided to take another crack at the imagery. I still have a little bit of work left to do here, but it is coming along.

Andy Warhol (right) is always an influence, and I thought it would be fun to make an 'Urban Cowboy' portrait of Warhol for this new batch of work. This is also a gel transfer piece. Both paintings are fairly large in size (54" x 54" ish, I think.)

All the new work will travel rolled vs. stretch in frames, something I'm not used to. I feel like a painting isn't complete until it's on a frame and all the wall. But, for logistics purposes, rolled canvas will do fine.

Anyhow, gott get back to the art grind. Lots to finish up before the end of the month. I'll see you next time with more art updates and what-not. (If you want more sneak peeks at new work in-progress, follow me in Instagram @jkimbrellfineart.)

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