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New In The Studio - April 2017

It's baseball season again, and though I'm not a huge baseball fan, I am a fan of 19th and 20th Century baseball history, as is evident by my annual viewing of Ken Burns' "Baseball" documentary film. The narrative of the parks, the legendary players and the social history woven throughout makes for an intriguing look into the National Pastime. (I typically watch the film maybe twice a year.)

Of all the legendary ball players, Hank Aaron might be my all-time favorite. Not sure why, but I always seemed like real gentleman on the field and off. I still hold him to be the all-time home run king, especially in this era of performance enhancing drug use by athletes. You won't find an asterisk (*) next to Aaron's name in the record books. But anyhow, long story short, I like the baseball greats, and when Spring fever hits, baseball is the first thing to come to mind.

I got a wild hair to start working on some vintage style baseball card art pieces of some of the baseball greats. Started out with Hank Aaron and banged out a few variations. I like the direct these are going, and now, I'm looking forward to seeing how others pan out. The 5" x 7" format size works well for these mixed media pieces, which might turn into an art book all on its own. I don't really have any end game for these pieces, they are mostly for myself, right now, helping in the rejuvenation of my creative mojo.

In other news...I have a new art rep working on my behalf, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing what happens on that front. The goal is to be fully immersed in the art/gallery world again. My old studio, Napkin Art Studio, finally came to a close this month, so that I could focus more on the fine art side of things. I think I made the right choice, for sure.

Things are still busy, thankfully, and I'm glad to be able to share the new work going on. Will have more to share soon.

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