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New In The Studio - June 2017

The Texas Summer is upon us again, and while it hasn't hit the 100 degree mark (yet), the air outside is heating up.

I actually don't have much to report on right now. Taking things easy for a bit, after a whirlwind last few months. The only exciting news I really have to share is that I got married to my girlfriend/fiancé of the last 5 years. Feels really good and is exciting to know neither one of us is going anywhere, hahaha. Sloan is a great partner-in-crime and supporter of my art, so I'm really excited about this new chapter in our lives. We are taking some much needed R&R this Summer, and while I have a few projects in the wings, the downtime is welcomed.

In actual art news...

Slowly but surely, my "5 x 7" project is coming together. I would still like to put together a small art book or zine of the series later this year, should everything come together as planned. There is no rush, of course, as you can't rush genius (lol), but I would like to keep the momentum I currently have going.

I won't lie, I still feel a little burned out from all the wedding stuff and work we've been doing since last Christmas. While I have this downtime, I'm taking in some inspiration where I can find it. Recently saw a great Stuart Davis painting exhibit in San Francisco, and that helped spur some creativity (again.) I've also discovered a few other contemporary artists, whose work have a great sense of style and color, helping fuel some ideas of my own. Ultimately, it looks like it'll be a hodge-podge Summer for me in the studio, but I can't complain. Been catching up on my book reading, too, trying not to be all-consumed by politics and current events. Easier said than done, though.

Anyhow, enjoy your Summer and stay cool, everyone. This is a great time to take some 'you time' and recharge your batteries, physical and emotional. Spin some records, have a backyard bbq, play in the water. When we return, good things will happen.


Ps...Speaking of good things, I'll be downsizing my online social media presence over the next few months. I'm finding the bulk of social media to be quite toxic to the nervous system, these days. As of now, I'll no longer be on Twitter. I'll also be on fb less and less, until I get rid of it completely. Mostly, you'll only find me on Instagram, as that is where I enjoy posting my studio updates in real time (@jkimbrellfineart). There is also a link on the 'CONTACT' page to check out my IG feed., should you be interested in following along.

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