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Summer Studio Time 2017

In between weening myself off Dr Pepper, spinning records and eating tacos for (pretty much) every meal, I'm also spending some quality time getting my art empire (studio) back in order.

I've made quite a bit of art over the last few months, much of yet to be seen by the general public. I figure my work doesn't do me, or anyone else, any good to be stuck in a flat file or in the archive. At the very least, the new work should be posted to the website and made available. So, here we go, making more of a concerted effort these next few weeks and months to update the website and web shop for the masses, looking professional and appealing where I can.

Like most artists, I don't have much luck selling my work online directly to the public, but I make a go of it. I'm also trying my best to research better ways of making those online sales, but there is a glut of info out there, and it is difficult to really discern what is useful info and what is garbage. My best bet is to stay with an art gallery or two, and have them push/sell my work, but that has it's challenges, too.

The professional art world has changed dramatically since I first stepped through the door in 2005. What I've been reading, lately, is that most critics seem to think artists need to become more of a brand name to survive the ever-changing landscape, and maybe there is some merit to that thinking, but I don't know if I'm there, yet. It's just me at the helm of this ship, and there are only so many hours on the day.

Anyhow, before I go on rambling too much, the image above is a fancy mock-up of my "Fiddlin' Cowboy" print. I recently rescued this little guy from a 1940s record cover and decided he needed a new life as an art print. Measuring 16" x 20" and hand printed in an edition of only 10 signed and numbered copies, he is now available in the shop. And as a bonus, all domestic orders will receive FREE shipping.

In other on the lookout for some new JKFA promotional materials soon. I'm ready to hit this thing head on again. And be on the lookout for some more new work from my ongoing "5x7" series soon.

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