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Throw Back...

I was recently going through some of the past prints I've done, back when I still had the 'Napkin Art Studios' namesake, and I came across the first three prints for the 'Mad Men' tribute series I started (and have yet to finish).

It's no secret I'm a huge 'Mad Men' fan, as well as a fan of old baseball cards, so I combined the two elements for this print series. The overall design was inspired by the 1949 Leaf baseball card series, what I consider to be proto-pop in their design; bold color, off-register printing and striking text.

The Don Draper, Joan Harris and Roger Sterling prints came out swell, and probably warrant a re-print, as I didn't print many of them, to begin with. The color choices are spot on, too, I think. Peggy Olson and Pete Campbell also deserve their own prints, and maybe some of the secondary cast (like Harry Crane and Ken Cosgrove) might make an appearance in a future printing.

I'll admit, I'm terrible about starting a project and not following through. However, this project still keeps coming back around in my mind, so that should probably tell me something. Plus, it's freaking 'Mad Men.'

Anyhow, as much as I fight myself about art, over-analyzing what I should or should not do, I should just shut the fuck up and make art because I want to. Art makes me happy and that should be all that matters, in the end.

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