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File Under "Fun Commissions"

Had the fun challenge of creating an homage to Jackson Pollock's "One: Number 31, 1950" painting that hangs in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. My version does not measure 17', thankfully, as I don't have the studio space for a painting that large, but, at 7' feet long, it will cover some nice wall space.

This commission really helped spur some creativity in me that was severely lacking, as of late. I've always loved jackson Pollock's work, so paying tribute to the artist with one of my own interpretations was a nice change of scenery. It's the abstract art bug that finally bit to make me want to do something different with my art. Now, I'm soaking up everything I can find, much like a young Bob Dylan learning every folk song he could get his hands on.

The piece now hangs in my friend's living room (sorry for the quick and terrible iPhone pic) and looks great in person. It's an honor to be commissioned by friends, especially those who have expressed a desire to own more of my work over the years. It's a really great feeling, as well, to sell my work directly to those who want it. (I should probably have a little more faith in my abilities to market/promote/sell my own work. It's a learning curve.)

So, now I'm in the midst of working on a few more abstract pieces to see what I am further capable of. Don't know if I'll make more Pollock style paintings, though I may, but we'll see how things progress. The best part about painting in the abstract? There is A LOT LESS prep work that goes into it vs. screen printing. Whatever makes the work easier.

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