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New In The Studio - August 2017

Work continues on my "5x7 Series" this month, an any month when I can squeeze in some work in this project.

The "5x7 Series" is a mixed media series created on 5 inch x 7 inch chipboard or heavy cardstock paper. Each piece is unique with layers upon layers of acrylic paint, silk screened images and collaged newsprint. Much of the image souce material is comprised of vintage newspaper ads, comic book illustrations, text and whatever else I happen to find interesting.

I started working on this series late 2016 with the hope of compiling enough pieces to present in an art book. It's been a fun and challenging experiment, as I'm not really used to working this small. Sometimes though, small works of art can produce big results.

Not really sure when this series will be ready to head into book form, as I'm continually working on new pieces here and there, sometimes revisiting pieces I started months ago to create additional layers of image and color. Ideally, I'd like to be able to share this body of work soon, but we'll see what happens. It's not a good idea to rush a good thing.

Aside from the "5x7 Series," I'm working on additional abstract pieces for myself, as well as a few commissions. The studio is loaded up with new paint, brushes and rolls of canvas, so I'm ready to rock. I've also relauched my 'Napkin Art Studio' brand, highlighting all of my kitschy art prints and gig posters. Rather than make Napkin Art a full fledged business, I think it works better as a name to plug the not-so-serious art that comes out of my head. You can find many of my Napkin Art creations on Etsy.

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