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New In The Studio - August 2017 (Part II)

Been going through the flat file cabinet in the studio this week (in between projects) and I've been digging out some one-off pieces that had been recently created.

Painted/screen printed a couple of unique 'BATGIRL!' pieces on paper a few months back that came out quite fun. Once dry, I went back in with colored pencil to add a little more flair. Both pieces are currently available for a limited time in the website shop. If they don't sell, they will eventually go back into the archives.

I have several more random pieces on paper in the works as I write this, with the goal of stock-piling as much as I can for possible direct image licensing. It's an avenue I've been thinking about more and more, lately, and it could be a swell venture to further expand the brand of the studio.

I'm a little ways away from that venture, but things are coming together.

Anyhow, as summer is starting to wind down and all the neighborhood kids are getting ready to go back to school, the studio work load is cranking up full tilt again. I'm ready for the cooler weather, shorter days and longer nights, and all the great food the fall season brings. Plus, fall is my busiest time of year, and I don't expect anything less this season.

If you get a moment, check out the website shop for all the exclusive art prints and originals currently available. More to come soon.

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