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New In The Studio - September 2017

There still may be a few days left in Summer, technically speaking, but the Summer months have come to an end for me, and now it is time to look forward to cooler weather and making more art.

Not surprisingly, my '5x7' series continues after a couple of months working on several private commissions (sorry, can't share photos of those projects, unfortunately.) I've lost count how many of these little mixed media gems I have complete, as well as the number of 'blanks' that await copious amounts of color and screen printed graphics, but I'm really excited by the results.

At some point, I'll have to cut myself off (probably by the end of 2017) and simply prepare this first batch of work for an art book or zine. Otherwise, this project will get out of hand and I'll have to spend the same amount of time deciding which pieces to include. It's good to set some deadlines for yourself, anyway.

Speaking of commissions, there are a few other projects I'm currently working on that I'll be able to share soon. I'm also working on some additional paintings for myself, crossing fingers that they will lead to something big down the road. As I always say, there are several irons in the fire at any given point.

Anyhow, there is never a dull moment in the studio. Even if I'm not physically working on something, my brain never shuts off. Hopefully, I'll be able to get more out of this cranium of mine in the coming weeks and months.

SIDE NOTE: I've been going back and forth on this topic for months, about whether or not to disengage with social media. I pretty much hate how much time I waste trolling Instagram and facebook on a daily basis, seeing what else is going on in the cyber world. I'm pretty sure I'd hate to know the real number of time that has been wasted. Like other artists, initially, social media was a great tool for me to get word out about my work and art. Now, with all of the social media platforms built around advertising, unless I'm willing to throw thousands of dollars every year to advertise on these platforms, my time and efforts go wasted, not to mention being removed from the actual, physical real world. No way in hell I'm dropping mad cash to fb for their bullshit algorithms. I'm sick of advertising, anyway.

In a nut shell, now that' I've said this aloud in my head, I'll probably, more than likely, be phasing out my presence on social media over the next few weeks. I'll still keep the website around for portfolio purposes, and you'll still be able to check in on what's been going on in the studio via the blog, but I no longer see any point to spend anymore shackled to the cyber world. Who knows, I may creep back into the fray when I feel the time is right, but the cyber world is not a place I want to be tethered to. Hope you understand.

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