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Flashback Thursday: Art-O-Mat Masterpieces

One of my favorite things in all of the known art world is the invention of the "Art-O-Mat," a refurbished cigarette vending machine retrofitted and rehabbed to dispense cigarette pack-sized works of art from artists the world over.

A few years ago, I was a fairly regular participant, making 50 individual pieces at a whack. I went through several iterations of my designs to find a good working process, a streamlined assembly line if you will, to crank out as much work as I could with every batch. In between art commissions and various other artistic endeavors, I finally managed to find a process I was happy with: combining multiple layers of paint and screen printed imagery to create one-of-a-kind mini masterpieces. Even if multiple blocks have the same graphics or text, no two look alike.

Above is an assortment of the last batch I completed some years ago. Sadly, life and work got in the way of finishing a batch I had previously started, but I've been following Art-O-Mat these many years in hopes of jumping back into the fray. Below are some images of my favorites from past batches.

I'm always curious to know where these little guys end up in the world. Most Art-O-Mat pieces cost only $5, which is a real steal for any new or seasoned art collector. My larger paintings go for high dollar these days, but even the more affordable work doesn't lack the same passion and time used to create the more valuable work. I like to have a little bot of something for everyone. I don't believe art is only reserved for the elite.

I hope to have the next batch of Art-O-Mat work completed before the holidays roll around. The lovely Art-O-Mat folks are always in need of art and participating artists, so check them out if you have a desire to participate. The art submission process is quick and easy!

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