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"5X7: Volume 1" Book Pre-orders Happening NOW!!!

Happy to let the world know my latest art book, "5X7: Volume 1" is now available for pre-order through the JKFA web shop.

The forth-coming 8x10 inch sized book features a fancy, wrap-around hardcover, 60+ full color pages on premium paper, and comes signed with a certificate of authenticity. There are also two versions available; a standard edition, while the deluxe edition comes with all the goodies mentioned, plus an original 5X7 work of art specifically created for each deluxe edition purchased.

I've had a blast putting this book together, mostly because I didn't know it would turn into a book, let alone a continuing series. In the beginning, these mixed media masterpieces (as I like to call them) just started out as a way for me to help stay creative, during a period when I thought I was at my least creative. With each new piece, I quickly realized my creativity never went away. Sometimes, it does stay dormant when feeling a little burned out. Thankfully, this first collection of new art, I think, showcases some of my best creative endeavors squeezed into a small and challenging space. Not all good and interesting art needs to be large scale.

As I write this, and put the finishing touches on book one, work has already begun for the second volume in the series. I'd like to see how far I can take this, as long as there is interest from art fans and collectors, and my own general interest, too. It's easy to get distracted and go off in a different creative direction. However, since I'm committed to self-publishing as many art books as I can, like artist Ed Ruscha, I'll stick to it.

Do me a favor: help me continue to celebrate my birthday and pre-order a copy for yourself! Books are not slated to ship out until mid-late February 2018, but I guarantee the wait will be worth it!

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