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New In The Studio - March 2018

Getting some much needed studio time in, lately, for a few of my own projects. I'm still working on several projects for other folks right now, but squeezing in some 'me time' when I can.

I've been in a bit Blondie mood the last few weeks, so I banged out three unique mixed media pieces of my favorite 'blondie', Debbie Harry.

I think she is more iconic than another famous blonde most people are familiar with, Marilyn Monroe, if I may say so.

Each piece is a combination of acrylic and silk screen ink on hand deckled paper, with all but one including some colored pencil thrown into the mix for added 'pizzaz.'

I'm having fun making a few more works on paper. I'm usually stuck in paint-and-canvas mode, so working through the giant stacks of paper I currently have in my studio is helping to make more room for even more art.

Anyhow, these one-of-a-kind 'Debbie Harry' pieces are now available exclusively in the web shop, ready for immediate dispatch. They'll look killer in a floating frame, especially with the deckled edge. And each piece has my new studio logo embossed in the lower left corner, too. Looks sharp!

I'll more than likely have a few more exclusive originals available here soon, too. Just keep your eyes peeled.

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