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Behind The Scenes at JKFA

I've been doing some thinking lately, about how I'm beginning to dislike social media, and what it has become in society. I personally feel like social media was a great idea, in the beginning. Now, not so much. At this point, I'd rather be more concerned with my real life than my digital one. So, little by little, I'm dismantling my social media presence.

Before I scrapped my tumblr blog, I decided to save a bunch of the behind-the-scenes photos from my studio and share them here. (I miss the old studio, but not having heat or AC makes a difference in productivity.) Anyhow, enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

For future reference, should you be interested in what's happening in the studio, you'll just have to go old school and check out the website. It's actually been a relief not to have the fb anchor around my neck. Good riddance.

Eventually, I'll have more updates to share, soon. It's been a busy last few weeks, and looks to get busier. Hope to share some good news and/or good art from the art making factory, soon.

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