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New In The Studio - March 2018 (Part II)

Something I haven't done in a number of years is collage work. I used to make collages here and there in high school, but really hadn't thought about the medium, until recently.

I've discovered a few contemporary collage artist that have struck a chord with me, especially from a design perspective. I've been inspired by these artists to taking collage work up again, and have throughly enjoyed it.

Collage work is difficult, I must admit. It's much harder than it looks. Collage takes time and patience, neither of which are in huge abundance in my studio, but the effort is worth it. I find it to be very methodical in execution and extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I'm often frustrated making my regular work, but I've discovered making collage pieces in between drying coats of paint and silk screen ink help to curb my anxiousness and impatience.

Magazines and newspapers from the 1950s and 1960s seem to be my favorite go-to source, both because of the print colors and numerous graphics associated with that time period. The only drawback is the cost of such magazines. Depending on the magazine, I could easily drop a few hundred dollars on valuable goods that will get torn to shreds.

Regardless of the cost of the source material, the hunt for the right graphics and color combinations is half the battle. You never know what can be assembled until you start working, like a puzzle with no direction.

Eventually, I'll post my collage work online, once I have enough pieces to justify it. I've decided to spend less time worrying about my online presence and focus on my real life presence, so I can make more art. In the meantime, hope you like this starting point.

"New 1954" / Collage on Paper / 5 x 7 inches / 2018.

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