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New In The Studio - June 2018

What's new? Well, just more of the same, really. I'm painting, screen printing, doing freelance design work. What a surprise, right?

I did want to quickly highlight the above project I completed this month, some mini portraits of Civil Rights Leader and US Congressman, John Lewis. These three unique pieces feature Lewis' Nashville 1962 mugshot, screen printed over hand rolled acrylic on paper.

I wasn't very familiar with Congressman Lewis, until recently. His civil rights work and leadership over the last 50+ years has been inspiring, and it is people like him that help me to cling onto some hope that our country and its citizens aren't as divisive as it seems. Anyhow, I won't go into a long diatribe about current events. Just wanted to share one of the many new pieces of art that I've been cranking out, lately.

Summer officially starts this month, but it's been hot and humid in Big 'D' for several weeks, already. Hope you are enjoying the weather, no matter where you are, and that there are several backyard BBQs and swimmin' pools in your near future. -JK

Oh, before I forget...I was recently sat down for an interview with Voyage Dallas, a publication highlighting creatives and other interesting folks who inhabit Dallas. You can ready my interview here.

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