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New In The Studio - August 2018

Howdy folks.

Summer (the season) is about to come to an end and students are heading back to class, but that doesn't mean the Summer temps in Texas are over. No sir, not by a long shot.

It's actually been fairly quiet in the studio this month, not much to report, really. I did spend some time building a tiki bar in the backyard over the last few weeks,with my wife, spending several days in the 100+ degree Texas Sun (how fun!) Despite the sweat and constantly drenched clothes, the project was well worth it. Can't wait to really enjoy it when the air cools down this Fall.

I'm currently in the middle of some Summer cleaning in the studio, getting ready to work on a new set of abstract serigraphs (like the one pictured above) in the coming weeks. I'm still stockpiling work for a few planned pop-up shops later this year, so taking advantage of the time I have to make as much new art as I can. Also working to stockpile the Etsy shop, too.

Hopefully, I'll have some other new prints and paintings to share soon. Sort of needed the break from studio work this month, but ready to get back to some normalcy. It's already gearing up to be a busy rest of the year.


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