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New In The Studio - Sept. 2018 (Part II)

Collage is the name of the game, right now. In between painting and printmaking, I'm finding collage to be a new favorite method of making art, as it forces me to slow down in my busy life. It takes time to find just the right bits of paper to piece an image together...'Paper Legos' as I like to call them.

A lot of my source material, currently, is 'Popular Mechanics' magazines from the early 1950s. I really dig the limited color palette of red, black and the acid-aged yellow-ish paper. I also like the use of 'censor bars' over the eyes of human subjects, not necessarily to hide the identity of the subject, but to give them a sense of anonymity. The subjects aren't necessarily famous, either, but as a non-famous person, I enjoy the fact I can blend in with a crowd.

Classic cars have also been fun subjects for this series of collage pieces. Hot rod magazines from the 1950s and 1960s is also good go-to source material. The collages aren't big, mostly in sizes from 5" x 7" to 6" x 8", perfect sizes for another future art book (hint hint).

I've said it before, but I really do enjoy the challenge of working within a small space like this, as it helps me to be even more creative and thoughtful when executing these kinds of designs. I spend a lot of time designing on a computer during the week, so collage allows me to step back and unplug for a bit. It also helps to clear my head and be away from gadgets or being online, making something tactile for a change.

There are several more collages in the works that just need to be glued down. Will post those when ready.

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