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New In The Studio - October 2018

Hot off the easel! Well, floor, actually...

My tribute portrait to MLK Jr. was started in late August/early September, and I'm now just about finished with it. The piece has been sitting rolled up in the studio for over a month, and I finally had the chance to add some embellishments to it. It'll take a few weeks for the oil color to completely dry before stretching the canvas on a frame, but I'm really jazzed how the piece turned out. It's a bit of a radical departure for me, style-wise, as it has more painterly elements to it. Sort of reminds me of some of Basquiat's use of color and brush strokes. You can also see my feet for scale.

I think I may have to experiment with a few other portaits in this style. I like the unexpected direction, and it's nice to have another piece nearly complete. Hope to exhibit the new work sometime soon.

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