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New In The Studio - June 2019

I actually don't have any new news, at the moment, but for those who have been curious to see the work from "5x7 Vol. 1," I've posted most of those pieces in the Pop Art Gallery of the website.

Which reminds can still order a copy of the "Vol. 1" book, which comes with one of the original works (selected at random). Those are available, printed on demand, from the web shop, which takes about 2 weeks for arrival, just FYI.

I've been working here and there on work for Vol. 2, but I've hit a bit of a creative hiatus. After a few days, maybe weeks, of rest, I suspect I'll get back to doing what I do best. With having too many interests, it's often difficult to focus on one thing for too long. However, I'll see this project through, for sure.

Hope your summer is off to a great start.

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