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"The New Age" Collage Book Coming in June 2020!

Boy, oh boy...despite all of the crazy shit going on in the world right now, I'm doing my best to cling onto the little things that make me happy in this world. For nearly a year, I've been spending a lot of time using collage to work through design ideas, stretch my creative brain, and just keep some relative sanity.

As fate would have it, my collage work caught the eye of Red Fox Press in Ireland, recently, and they invited me to produce a snazzy art book due at the end of this month.

"The New Age" is a 44-page hardbound beauty, reproducing many new analog collage designs from the last few months, limited to only 150 numbered copies. The title was inspired by The Velvet Underground song of the same name (I'm a sucker for good song lyric titles), and I'm pretty proud and excited to have the opportunity to collect this work into my first (of hopefully many) collage art books. There are a lot of designs from this book I plan to make full scale paintings and screen prints from, should some extra time befall me soon. Many thanks to Red Fox Press for this great opportunity and the tremendous amounts of freedom to express myself through this medium.

You can support the independent arts by ordering the book directly here. :)

And speaking of collages, I just dropped off a fresh batch to Maestri Gallery in Deep Ellum (Dallas), which can be seen and are available on their site. I'll be adding several original collages to the shop section of my site soon, once I have a few extra moments to do so. In the meantime, hopefully you spring for a copy of the art book!

Ps...If you are closer to Ireland than Texas, you can order the book directly through Red Fox Press. While you are on their site, be sure to check out some of the other amazing books and limited edition prints they have published, and tell them Jonathon from Texas sent ya!

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