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Bagazine 8! Out Now

I'm excited to announce I'm a contributor to "Bagazine 8!" from Xray Book Co!

What is a "Bagazine" you ask? Well, it's a magazine in a bag, focused on assemblage, collage, printmaking, photography, poetry, broadsides, chapbooks, any any ol' handmade cool thing you can think of. "Bagazine" was started by Giselle and Johnny Brewton in 2005 and is an on-going assemblage/bagism/happening that has featured some prominent artists, authors, and creators, such as Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Charles Bukowski, Ben Blackwell (Third Man Records), Coop, and Tom Waits just to name a few. (Needless to say, I'm very excited to be included in a long list of talented and inspiring individuals.)

"Bagism 8!" is now available here, and is strictly limited to 100 copies. You can see my nifty contribution pictured above (work in yellow), but I highly recommend seeing the rest of the work, too. Check out the other back issues while you visit Xray!

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