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Coming to a Mailbox Near You...

It's certainly not a new concept, sending art postcards through the mail to reach a random destination. However, the concept is new to me, and I find it to be an enlightening one.

Needless to say, the world is an incredibly fucked-up place right now. Just turn on your tv, open a news paper, look out your front door, or smell the smoke in the air. Despite the social and political upheaval, it's important to cling onto the good things in life. If you can make someone else's day, even if with just a small gesture, the moment is worth it.

I arrived to the realization that it's still fun to receive something unexpected in the mail. How nice would it be to receive a random piece of art from a total stranger; something unsuspecting and unusual slid in between junk mail and bills? I'm taking it upon myself to do just that; mail random art postcards to folks all over the world, something I will dedicate the next 40-50 years of my life to. The art may or may not mean anything, but it's more about the time invested into making someone's day a little bit better.

I am realistic in knowing I won't be mailing a ton of these postcards every week. Life does get in the way of making other plans, so I need to keep that in mind. But, when I have a moment or two, I will send one of these fun little collages (or whatever artwork I happen to be making that week) into the world. I'll also be documenting each piece of artwork and the accompanying message on the back. It'll be the only way I'll have a record of what was created and sent. Perhaps I will put a book together after the first five years? It'll be interesting to see how the work evolves and where it goes. (Above are the first two postcards to launch this endeavor.)

As I spin Bruce Springsteen's first album on a late Sunday night, I'm doing my best to keep on truckin' along; sometimes easier said than done. I've said this before, but the realization of collage and art making being my refuge during these crazy times is more important than ever. As long as I have some sanity left, I can spare a little to share a lot.

If you'd like to add your name to the art postcard mailing list, just shoot me a message thru the contact page. It'll be a first come/first served ordeal. The list is starting to grow, so if you want in on this, give it some time for a special treat to arrive in your mailbox. I don't know what to call this 'movement' just yet, but whatever the name ends up being, you can bet there will be stickers made.

Take care of yourself and each other. -JK

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