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Cutting Up and Getting Along...

It's obvious I haven't posted much in awhile, but with good reason. I am wrapping up my final full semester of grad school, and this semester has been a beating. The workload between day job duties/evening classes/homework/thesis and design research has not provided me with a lot of free time. However, I still squeeze in some art-making when and where I can.

I've continued with the mailed collage postcard art campaign sporadically, which has been a lot of fun. It is sometimes difficult to turn loose of each collage, but I make sure to scan each one before they leave the studio. Someday, I'll post the entire 2020 run of collage postcards for people to check out. Below are two of the most 'recent' ones.

In most cases, the postcards take me no time at all to assemble. I try to limit myself to whatever scraps happen to be on my table at the time, as I don't like to overthink or over design the compositions. As I look at the collection of other collages I've made over the last couple of years, I've noticed a style developing with my work. Aside from the use of vintage car images, the torn edges are good indicators of my work and design. I rarely use any straight or cut edges in my collages.

I've also been compiling a series of 4x4 inch collages as a means of using smaller scraps of printed matter. It helps not to throw anything away. Once I have a moment to scan and edit that stack of collages I'll share them here on the website, as well as begin making more of my originals available through the web store. A second series of collage trading cards are also in the works, as well as another art book. Of course, most of these things won't hit the front burner until after July 1st, when my final thesis paper and design solution os due to my thesis committee.

So, all-in-all, you haven't missed much from my end. Lots of grad school, work, and trying to balance life and sanity. It's been a long, tough three years, but a great experience. I'm really looking forward to sharing my research and design solution with everyone once complete. Until then, stay safe and mask up!


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