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I Don't Have A Catchy Title For This One...

I've been super-terrible at updating the blog over the last few months, but to be honest, I haven't had much to report on.

However, to give you a run-down of what has been going on here it is in a nutshell: I graduated with my MFA back in August, was immediately offered an adjunct faculty teaching job at A&M-Commerce (yay!), been doing a lot of travel, went to the Bahamas for the first time, turned 40, been applying for higher ed teaching jobs, I host my own radio show every Tuesday night on (Record Ranger Radio - 6pm CT), trying not to feel burned out creatively, and looking forward to the Christmas holidays for some real down time.

Sadly, I haven't been making a lot of collage or general art these last few months, either (creative burnout, as mentioned above.) But, I'm hoping that some rest and mental recharge time over these next few weeks will help me get jazzed for 2022 and some new creative endeavors. I was asked to continue teaching this coming Spring semester, so that is good...I must be doing something right.

Anyhow, that about sums things up. Visually, I currently feel like the illustration above, but that'll soon change

Will have better updates soonish. -J


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