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New Creative Directions and Horizons...

Howdy friends.

Hope everyone reading this is doing ok. Maybe you've found this page by accident, or you're just curious to know what is going on in the work of JK Creative. Regardless of the reason, welcome.

I've been a professional artist and designer for over two decades now, which seems strange to think and say aloud...doesn't feel like it's been that long. And like any artist, you have to allow yourself to change, adapt, grow, become interested in different things, experience new ideas and directions, and so on. I've reached that point in my career where I'm interested in doing different things. So from this day forward (until the foreseeable future) I'll no longer be accepting fine art commissions. Truth be told, I've soured on the fine art gallery world and experience. It's no longer fun, and I have no incentive (other than commercially) to make art I no longer enjoy. I've reached a place in my life where I no longer feel like I have to live and die by each art commission, which I think is the real goal these days for most artists. I can make work for myself, how I want and when I want, which is very freeing. That being said, what is a creative to do?

I've been passionate about music longer than I have fine art, which I can admit, now, without hesitation or remorse. I absolutely love vinyl records and album packaging, hardcore. I've been fortunate enough over the last few years to work on some amazing album projects and want to continue. Moving forward, JK Creative will focus these kinds of projects exclusively. For anyone out there who is itching to release some physical albums out into the world, hit me up. I'll be happy to make your album dreams a reality. The other half of this equation will be spent focusing on my non-profit outfit, the Texas Jukebox Project, with the mission of 'Saving Texas music one record at a time.' Click the link for more details.

Of course, I cannot stress enough how thankful I am to all of my friends, family, the many strangers and repeat clients for all of the love and support over the years. Without y'all, none of this success would exist, and I am eternally grateful. I'm looking forward to new opportunities and creative inspiration as I transition into this new phase of my career. (You may, however, see the random and occasional non-album project posted here, just because I feel like sharing. I'm not completely abandoning the art-making, I'm just going to do it for myself again.)

Until next time...


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