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I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but since August of last year, I've been a part of a really fun postcard exchange community called Postcrossing. Members from all over the globe exchange postcards, sharing tid-bits about themselves and their countries. It's been a fun outlet for me to continue creating random collage postcards and send them out into the world.

Postcrossing does get a little daunting sending postcards outside of the US, but in the end, it's a relatively inexpensive hobby that brings me joy. It's also nice to hear from the recipients expressing their joy in receiving something a bit out of the ordinary. I'm sure I'll continue doing this until I run out of steam. In addition to my Instagram followers, Postcrossing has been just one avenue for creating and mailing postcards. It's odd to think I've been making and mailing collage postcards for close to two years, now. I've been good about scanning and archiving every postcard I've mailed, which at some point, will make their way onto the website or in a series of books.

Collage really has been one of the best creative outlets for me in some time. This year is starting to shape up into being a productive one. I have several projects currently in the works (many I cannot share yet) that is dividing my time, but it's work I'm excited about. I don't know if any of these projects will lead me into taking up fine art painting again, but if not, I'm quite happy continuing using collage as my driving force into being a better designer and creative problem solver. Expect to see more of my collage post cards making their way through your local post offices.



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