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Screening Soon: Home Movies

Hey gang,

As I listen to the latest Andrew Bird LP and watch it rain again, I've slowly been working in the background on some new projects to keep my creative spirits alive and well. With the decision to not take on private commissions for the time being, the pressure is off, and I'm sifting through all of the interesting (to me) things I shoved on the back burner when I took on grad school. Namely, a new art book entitled "Home Movies", an art zine I started forever ago, and some fine art pieces (just for the hellovit.) But right now, let's talk about "Home Movies."

"Girl In The Diner" (2022)

"This One's For Van Gogh" (2022)

"Home Movies" started out as a collage postcard series in 2021 featuring a 6 x 4 inch postcard with with circles attached to the front. The two outside circles are crops of black and white images while the center image is in color, either as a color field, texture, or image. I've always liked the idea of cropped images and being forced to focus on a certain thing while the imagination fills in the blanks. Stylistically, three has always been a visually pleasing arrangement in compositions. As to why the series is called "Home Movies," I can't really say. Perhaps it is because all of the images represented are simple in their presentation with no frills. Or, the subjects themselves are mundane and only slightly entertaining, like most people's home movies and vacation slides. Regardless, it's been a fun, long-term series to explore, and I've enjoyed mailing these collage postcards out into the wild

I've begun collecting the individual circles and rearranging them within a 7 x 7 inch square for a forth-coming art book with the same name. Pages will feature single or multiple images in various sizes and arrangements in both color and black and white. I'm not sure what the final page count will be, as I've been working on this on and off for awhile, but I'll stop arranging when I feel the collection has reached a necessary conclusion. I also plan to have an audio component along with the book in the form of a special lathe cut record to serve as a de-facto soundtrack as part of a special 'sound and vision' collection. I'm still working out ideas for the final packaging and such, and have no real timeline as to a release date, but I'll keep everyone updated here when I have new news to share. I'd like to have this ready for release in the very near future, but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll post other "Home Movies" postcards on the Instagram page as they become available @jonathonkimbrell.

Details about other projects coming soon, too.


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