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That's A Wrap.

Happy to announce my grad thesis presentation of "The Texas Jukebox Project: Archiving & Preserving West Texas Country Music & Working Class Culture on Phonograph Records" is complete. It was a long two years of research, writing, and designing for this project, and I am beyond thrilled on the outcome. I won't get into the meat and potatoes about it here, I'll direct you to the website to learn more about my research and design-centric solution here.

I do have one last hurdle before graduation, however: I still have the final draft of my research paper to turn in. Once approved, I'll be all set to graduate with my MFA in August. I cannot wait.

Though it feels a bit anti-climactic to be just about finished, it is a relief. I'm ready to have more time with my wife again, as well as getting back to numerous projects that were shelved or placed on the back burner. After a bit of a break, too, I'll be looking forward to starting the next phase of my career, whatever that might be. I'll also continue to move forward with my research and goals of making The Texas Jukebox Project and brick n' mortar reality. The Record Rangers concept is such a neat one that has so many possibilities.

I'll have more updates to post soon. Until then, stay cool. -J


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