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The "Home Movies" Series

I recently bought a doohickey that cuts circles for pinback buttons, but since I don't have my button maker in yet, I've been having fun simply cutting random pictures out of vintage magazines. Thus began the "Home Movies" series of collages. The collages are composed of three sections; the middle section is always in color while the left and right sections are always black and white. I'm not really sure why this is the case, but aesthetically, I think it works well. The black and white images have quite the cinematic feel, hence the series title. Of course, three is always the magic number visually. There is also something calming about a circle, too.

Some of the 'Home Movies' pieces have made their way onto a few traveling collage postcards, so I decided to make a few to keep for myself. As long as I keep enjoying this motif I'll keep making them. The collages are mostly for my entertainment, anyway. Like most of these things, they'll probably get stashed away and lost to time. However, I'm enjoying making them for the time being.

I have some thoughts as to what these 'Home Movies' really represent, but I'll share those thoughts later.

I smell dinner burning...


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